Homeowners Insurance Quotes in NH & ME

As a homeowner, your house is likely one of your most treasured and valuable assets. Unfortunately, an accident or unforeseen event can greatly jeopardize the home and financial well-being you have worked so hard to obtain. Insuring your house and the personal property within it is an important step in protecting yourself against the hefty costs associated with repair or replacement after a fire, storm or theft.

Our Dover NH insurance agency has helped many families secure homeowners insurance in Somersworth, Rochester, Barrington and beyond. If you live along the New Hampshire seacoast or Southern Maine and need new or updated homeowners insurance, we can help you understand the coverage you need and guide you through your choice of policies, options and rates.

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We offer experienced advice on a wide range of home insurance options:

  • Standard home policies: Repairing or replacing your home after a fire, storm damage, break-in or other unforeseen event can be incredibly expensive. We offer advice on home insurance policies that offer financial support when you need it most. Standard home policies vary from provider to provider, but commonly cover the structure of your home and any outlying buildings. We work diligently to help you understand the benefits of each available policy, and ultimately strive to help you choose the coverage that is best for your unique needs.
  • Personal property protection: Replacing the property within your home after a loss can be a daunting task. We offer advice on available policies and options that can help you protect your property, including furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry and other personal items.
  • Umbrella (excess liability): In some cases, a standard home policy may not provide personal liability insurance at a level that covers your assets. A liability umbrella policy is an economical and highly recommended solution.
  • Flood insurance: Storms, spring melt and burst water mains can cause catastrophic damage to your property, damage not covered under your homeowners insurance. You may require flood insurance to protect against those events.

Insure Your House and Personal Property with Confidence

As an independent insurance agency, we are committed to helping you purchase home insurance that provides the protection your unique situation demands. We also work to keep your premiums to a minimum; to do so, we gather quotes from a wide range of insurance providers, and offer advice on multi-policy discounts for purchasing your home and auto insurance from the same carrier.

To begin comparing available policies and rates, request a quote or call (800) 734-8979. To have an agent call you, contact us online.